13 Dec

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23 Oct

It’s true, here’s the story that put Walt Disney into a deep depression … Walt Disney’s mother and father, Flora and Elias, were married on New Years Day 1888. For their Golden Wedding Anniversary, riding on the success of Snow White, the successful son Walt gifted them with a home in Toluca Lake (Hopeland), CA. The Disney’s loved their new home, except for the heat. Apparently the furnace wasn’t very good, and Mrs. Disney complained about the fumes. Jinx. Enter good son Walt, who had studio workers install a new gas furnace in the home. I have always heard that Walt fixed it himself, but can not find documentation to support that. In the night of November 26th, 1938, Father Disney woke and found his wife laying on the bathroom floor. He himself passed out trying to transport her. The next morning Alma Smith, the maid, came to work and... more»

20 Oct

It’s October in Las Vegas, which means it’s about to be that time to put away the shorts and flip flops and begin to break out the pants and fleece jackets.  Homes will slowly start to cool down, which means the thermostat will slowly start to climb in temperature. Everyone wants to stay cozy during the fall and winter, but no one wants the bill that comes with it. Here are some 10 easy steps to help keep that heating bill low and the coziness level high. 1. Lower your thermostat and water heater. You probably won’t notice if you turn them down a couple of degrees, especially when you aren’t at home. 2. Learn to love socks. If your feet are cold, your whole body will feel cold, so throw on a pair of socks during the cold seasons. 3. Explore outside. Check the exterior of your heating unit. Avoid stacking anything against the heat pump or draping anything over... more»

21 Sep

  My Client Ms.Medford asked That I Announce This … (But only after giving me a hefty chewing out first)     Dear Friend, What can I say? Even after 16 years in business, I’ve still got the mind set of an HVAC mechanic and not some marketing guru.  I’m always thinking about things like air flow and freon levels. I know I’ll never be a Master Marketing guy (nor do I want to).   But after feeling the wrath of Mrs. Medford for not letting her know we provided this special type of service, it’s time I started  at least doing the obvious … letting our clients at least know we offer it here at Rebel.  I think what hurts the most is that Mrs. Medford, a great client of mine,  didn’t even use our company for the service (only because she had no idea we did it … my fault again), and I still got... more»

21 Sep

    Summertime is usually when your electricity bill seems to be the highest. Most of that energy consumption is attributed to the high temperatures and your need to be in a cool place. Here are a few tips to help save you a couple of bucks during this time of year. Keep your thermostat at 78* when you are home and 85* when you are not home to maintain a good temperature throughout your home Change your filter every now and then. install heavy sun blocking curtains to prevent the heat from permeating throughout your home Turn on a fan! Moving air is always more refreshing than stagnant air Check and or replace your window seals. As time goes by, window seals will tend to get damaged which lets in the outside air. Plant more trees in your back/front yard. The natural shade from trees is pretty cooling and best of all, FREE! Also, make sure you unplug whatever electronics you aren’t... more»